Ouch it’s April

It is without a doubt the most asked question we receive and the answer goes without saying.

Yes, it does hurt!!

But ask any woman and she will tell you that beauty is never without some pain but she will also tell you that it is always worth it!

Of course we mean the dreaded waxing and whichever area you choose to smooth there will always be some discomfort involved, there are plenty of ways to minimise it though and the benefits do outweigh the negatives.

The best way to minimise the pain is to be regular and consistent with your appointments and never go longer than 6 weeks between them.

It pays to do some research and have a good think about where and when you will need to be waxed.

Always leave a couple of days between waxing and any sunny holiday or sweaty outdoor pursuits and do not try to get your whole body waxed in one go!

We usually advise first time waxers to go for the back area first as this is usually the least hairy and the most painless. Ask for a back, neck and shoulder area and with luck your therapist will blend the upper arms into any hairy lower arms and not leave you with a reverse hairy Tshirt.

Following this the chest area is most common, the hair needs to be trimmed down and it usually has a very strong hairgrowth, you make up your mind what this means.

If you choose a reputable salon they will advise you on other areas suitable for waxing, of course the most asked about is the back, sack and crack which we prefer to refer to as a boys Brazilian.This treatment is not for the fainthearted but if done with care and precision the results can be rewarding in lots of ways!

Most salons offer both hot and warm waxing and the latter will be the most common.Both types should start with a pre wax cleanse to remove dirt, sweat and oil.Warm waxing will then be applied directly to the skin in strips either using a roller system (most preferable) or a spatula.The wax will then be removed using bonded paper strips and an after wax lotion applied to the whole area to cool the skin.

Hot wax is usually reserved for intimate areas and is applied by spatula, built up into a thicker strip andIt is less painfull and slightly kinder to very sensitive skin!

You should then be given after waxing skin care advice and asked to refrain from any heat treatments or sun exposure for at least 24 hours.

And one final piece of advice, a painkiller half an hour before may help!!!!!

We hope to see you soon and don’t forget,  you can book online if you’d prefer to avoid any questions!





Beware the Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March or oh no my feet look like they belong in a zoo

At last we see the end of Winter in sight and are thinking of popping off for a short break, looking down we feel fitter and more toned after our post Christmas body blitz but the horrible truth is that our feet now look pretty uncared for and in desperate need of attention!

A Foot treatment or pedicure is really the only way to get rid of the dreaded Hard skin and cracked heels but a bit of care from you now will help make the transition from lace ups to sandals much less traumatic.

First off, trim those talons down to a pretty short square’ish shape.

If you can beg, borrow or steal a pumice and find time to have a good soak in the bath then giving them a good once over with this will help no end.

Pay particular attention to your heels and sides of Big toes and you will start to feel the difference immediately.

Check for any nasty fungal conditions which can be a particular nuisance now as your feet are sweating more and buy a decent athletes foot powder to remedy the problem.

If you are feeling really brave you could try pushing back the cuticles ( skin around the edge of the nail ) with a damp cotton bud and once out of the bath give the whole foot a really good towel dry.

Lastly, apply a foot cream to the whole foot and lower leg to keep the skin soft and supple and don’t forget the fungal powder if you need it.

Now, if you cannot face all this we will go through the whole process in depth for you.

At bespo’ke our foot treatment uses a foot file to remove more of the dead skin and a manual exfoliator to get rid of any other dry areas.

We will cut and file your nails, soak your feet in a relaxing spa bath and apply a paraffin wax mask (don’t worry it wont hurt) to the whole foot leaving the skin soft and nourished.

The treatment finishes with an energising lower leg and foot massage.

If your time is valuable and you would prefer to spend your evenings soaking in the  sunshine rather than soaking your feet then we suggest you book in for a foot treatment and let someone else do the hard work for you!

That said , now we know Spring is most definitely in the (H) air that means Fashion is also on our minds what with various fashion weeks been and gone and some colour returning to our lives.

We at bespo’ke are loving some of the new shorter cuts and more vibrant colours coming our way this season and we wanted to show you our version of one of them.

The classic short back and sides has taken a modern turn with the sides still super short and tightly faded but with more texture and length to play with on top.

Some colour helps to add texture and makes the look more polished, this could be in the form of a few simple foil highlights or an all over semi colour.

This really is the time to update your look and don’t forget, at bespo’ke we offer all of these services in the salon and you can book online now so really!

What are you waiting for?


January 2016

Have you taken your VITAMAN TODAY?
January and we are playing the waiting game for Spring, sitting out the cold weather booking a skiing holiday or some winter sun.
Last month we talked about looking after yourself in a holistic way, by taking time out to relax and exercising some moderation in all you do.
This month I want to take you one step further and introduce you to the art of delegation, or someone else doing the hard work for you.
If one of your New year resolutions was to look after your skin better you could do worse than start by thinking about that beard you’ve been cultivating over the past few months.
It may well hide the Yuletide double chins but it looks like the beard trend is finally on its last legs as models in Europe and the US go fresh faced for the coming seasons collections.
Unless you have been using a good beard oil and taking care to keep it clean under the beard, your skin will most likely have taken a battering and is probably going to be a bit dry and sensitive. Some tlc now will help it to recover and encourage good skin cell renewal for a fresher more youthful appearance.
Whatever you decide beard wise, this should take the form of a few prescriptive facials and some professional face products which will target problem areas and highlight any issues you could deal with now to prevent problems further down the line.
At bespo’ ke we are gearing up to do this whilst securing our place as the West country’s premier male only treatment centre.
Offering a new concept in Grooming based on the exclusive range of treatments by Australian men only company VITAMAN. The treatments are designed for Men only and encompass Sports Massage, Deluxe shaving , face and full body treatments that can only be described as otherworldly.
If you work out, if you shave, if you value the health of your mind body and soul then as a Man you need to try these treatments.
A professional facial will take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half and will include massage, steam and extractions to really clear out your skin.
The signature treatment in the VITAMAN range is the Deluxe facial shave.
Forget cut throats and the sting of aftershave this treatment is a world away from any traditional shave you have ever had.
Beginning with a cleanse and a 10 minute pressure point face massage, it clears you skin and sinuses and improves blood circulation to the face and upper body.
Exfoliation under steam will help remove dead skin and smooth out fine lines followed by the application of oils and cream to help the blades glide over the skin removing only the hair and none of the new skin beneath.
A shave in the direction of hair growth with hot towels followed by another shave to get closer than close.
A mask of Australian mud is then applied to draw out those christmas toxins and tighten the whole face.
Finishing with a hydrating balm and another pressure point massage and as I said a pretty sublime experience.
This will feel like no other shave you’ve ever had and I know you will agree when I say that sometimes it is better to let someone else do the hard work for you.
So now you know about delegation, allowing another person to take control of your daily chores in order to perform better yourself elsewhere.